Please note that due to the subject matter of this project (death/grief) some of the images on this blog might be disturbing.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rochelle Summerfield - Yours truly

Photoetching with handcolour and wrapped in scarf with hatpin, 2010

It was in my beloved aunt’s passing and the family ritual of packing up her belongings that provoked memories of her and her stories, other losses in my life, thoughts on the transience of being and the history and memories embedded in the objects remaining.
I wrapped one of my aunt’s scarves around a photoetching. Every day she wore a scarf right to the end of her long life. The photo in the etching is of my aunt in that classic pose that a man often takes of his loving girlfriend leaning against his beloved car.... the wrapping and packing of this etching prolonged my fading memories by the ritual of making objects as part of my acts of remembering.

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