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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Belinda Saliba

For almost 3 days I tried many ways to assemble my Nana's hankie in a way that would remind me of her. I gathered pieces of material, buttons and thread in colours that she liked and attempted to make landscapes. Nana loved to be in the garden. I miss Nana the most and when attending her funeral I was speechless. I could not utter one word when asked to stand and express a poem. I could see Nana in her coffin and I could not stop thinking that Nana is not there, Nana is missing.

My Grandfather past away about 18 months before Nana. The following Christmas after my Grandfather past away, Nana gave me a photo of him, the best Christmas present ever. Nana is also in the photo but in the background and I have placed this photo in a frame with my Grandfathers favourite colour. I will treasure this photo forever.

The hankie has been dyed in a cup of tea. When visiting Nana, we always had a pot of tea and sat around the dining table drinking our cups of tea. I have not had the courage yet to display a photo of Nana on her own in a picture frame. I miss Nana the most and I miss having cups of tea with her. Nana is missing and I wish she was not. I could not add all the colours to the hankie that Nana would like. The colour is missing too.

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  1. i really like how you presented the hankie as a curtain, i don't know what's behind it and it is mysterious... and lonely.