Please note that due to the subject matter of this project (death/grief) some of the images on this blog might be disturbing.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Community and Healing

This post is part of an email sent to me today by a wonderful artist who is participating in the hankie project. This project has certainly helped me enormously with my own grieving process. I feel now that I am not alone.
Grief can often be a very private lonely place, but by inviting every one in to share their stories and experiences by creating art work together, you have created a healing community.
I have often felt that our culture and society is now missing a process or way of dealing with our grief. Every one is sort of left to do what ever they feel is right for them, but this can be confusing and difficult.
Other cultures have strong traditions and customs which people follow and they feel they have dealt with the death of a loved one honourably and in the right way.

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